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header 3 We can print from PC Powerpoint files, PDF files, JPEGS and TIFF files.

header 3 Please convert Mac files and Word files into PDF files.

header 3 We can print and mount posters any size up to 36x48 inches.

Please check that your poster dimensions will enlarge proportionally to the size of the poster you select. Click here to use our conversion table.

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header 3The poster price chart serves as our poster ordering page.

header 3Simply select the size of poster you want, from one of three columns showing our mounting options.

header 3Special Sizes
If your file doesn't fit any of our standard sizes, we will scale it proportionately to the nearest standard size.

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header 3 24 hour Turnaround

header 3 Free delivery to Duke University

header 3 Pickup from our office

header 3 We offer FedEx Shipping

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